Why did you change Hinge?

We believe people are good; but dating apps have brought out the worst in us. We ghost, we flake, we say things we would never say in person, we judge, we objectify, and we simply lack the empathy that comes naturally in real life. The way dating apps are currently built encourages us to treat each other like objects - not people. And after some soul searching, we decided this just isn't what we set out to build.

We were totally guilty of the mindless swiping, and feeding into the hookup culture that has become the online dating scene. You deserve a product that values you as a person and provides you with like minded potentials that meet YOUR standards.

The struggle is real...but it shouldn’t be. That’s why created a product that shifts away from the culture of swiping and casual hookups. We sifted & sorted through the data,  listened to your thoughts & experiences, and built an alternative to the games, for people who are looking for meaningful connections.

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