What's different about new Hinge?

So, this is not Hinge simply adding a new feature or two. This is a completely new app: new concept, new layout, new look, and even a new code base (which, in laymen’s terms, means: the very skeleton of this app is different from the old one.)

We scrapped our old app because we realized the world of mindless swiping was ruining romance. Our new app was designed specifically for relationship-seekers after months of extensive research. A few key differences will be:

No Swiping
A new UI developed to foster conversations, not games

Every Like is Unique
Rather sending a generic ‘heart’, you can like or comment on the part of their profile that stands out most to you - and in turn, you can learn what stands out most about you!

Stories, Not Resumes
With beautifully redesigned rich profiles, new Hinge allows you to tell your story, rather than listing off your resume.

3x the Conversations
Make the conversation interesting right off the bat - comment on someone’s story card or picture rather than sending yet another “Hey, how’s it going?”.

People Who Want What You Want
We cut the creeps, the clutter, and the flakes.

Personal Service
Personal Service: We’re here to help! Our member services team is here to make sure you have an amazing experience.

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