How does the new Hinge work?

When you tap the heart Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_2.40.50_PM.png, your Like will be sent directly to that member’s Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_2.41.03_PM.png list!

If you accidentally tap the heart, simply deselect it to undo your Like.

Liking goes a long way but remember--comments go even further.

Any comment you add to a person's profile  will be just between you and that person! Actually, we’ve found that members that comment are 3x more likely to get a response (talk about a super like)! When that person sees your story, they will be able to respond directly to that comment, and get the conversation going seamlessly!

After you tap the heart, you’ll see the text bubble Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_2.41.20_PM.png! Simply tap in the bubble to start composing your comment. Comments are not mandatory though - so feel free to just send a heart as well!

Your interest will not be sent until you actively tap on the to move forward to the next member.

Your interest will be sent  when you tap on the Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_2.40.56_PM.png to move forward to the next profile.

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